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Domiciliary Care & Personal Care

Domiciliary Care is the care of someone in their own home. Illness, impairment or age can make it difficult to carry out all of the personal care tasks that you perhaps once handled around the home with ease. Our trained and qualified care and support workers have assisted many individuals with their personal care needs. You will find that they are understanding and sympathetic, without being patronising. They will respect your dignity at all times.

The carer’s objective is to enable you to retain and maintain as much independence as possible. Our care and support workers know that every client is an individual, with unique personal needs, preferences and values, so they will not intrude into your personal life. All support arrangements will be completely personalised to your requirements, involving your family members if you wish, and we will only provide the services that you have asked for in your care and support plan. Whether you need a lot of assistance every day or just small amounts from time to time, Caremark’s domiciliary care plans can assist you with a wide variety of personal care tasks.

Caremark Domiciliary Care

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The list below may not include a particular need you have. In domiciliary Care the emphasis is on personal care tailored towards an individual needs and therefore it is very likely that we probably already offer the service. An initial assessment will enable you to outline all your personal care needs and will detail how we will support you with these.


Caremark Domiciliary Care worker washing hair

Domiciliary Care Tasks Include


Preparation for bed

We can assist you with undressing and getting into bed. Assistance with getting your day started. Assistance with getting up, washing, shower or bath, get dressed and having breakfast. We can assist you with using the toilet and bathroom, cleaning your teeth and shaving..

Continence care

We will assist you with changing incontinence wear.

Personal grooming

Assistance with your personal grooming such as hair washing, drying and combing, foot care, and personal hygiene management.We can assist you with choosing your clothes and assist with laundry needs such as washing, drying and ironing your clothes.

Help with your health and well being

Managing your medication, recognising and discussing your health care needs. We can assist you with making appointments with your healthcare professionals.

Assistance with meals and nutrition

Support with making drinks, menu planning, food shopping, cooking and food preparation.

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