If you are on the lookout for the best home care services, checking your provider’s credibility will probably be the first thing on your mind. Next comes the range of services that your provider can offer, as well as the qualifications that staff hold. But unknown to most, getting the best elderly home care support is not just about finding the perfect provider. It is also about managing expectations and matching them to reality. Choosing the right care for your loved ones can be confusing, especially when there is conflicting information around. Here are three common misconceptions about home care services.

1. Home care is expensive

Common belief has it that home care services are expensive. Contrary to this, home care can be cheaper than traditional care homes. Home care services are aware that sometimes you need a short break without neglecting to take care of your loved ones. Respite care for the elderly focuses on affordable care for your loved one while ensuring that they feel safe. Furthermore, you can avail of tax relief against the cost of home care.

2. Home care only provides domestic duties

Home care provides personal care and domestic support, but that is not all. Elderly care also focuses on 24 hour tailored services such as night-time care, medication assistance as well as companionship. Caring for adults with lifelong conditions is all about a holistic approach, and that is what Caremark gives. Respite care for carers also promotes independence for children and adults with additional needs such as autism. If your loved one needs help with tasks such as taking walks or taking part in hobbies, home care will help out.

3. Home care services offer medical diagnosis

Home care services only provide support for the elderly living at home as opposed to offering a medical diagnosis. Home care is focused on providing additional care for your loved ones such as dementia home care services. Such elderly care and support cannot be substituted for professional medical diagnosis and treatment. We work together with medical professionals to ensure your family members get the best home care support.

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