There will come a time when our parents struggle to do the simple daily activities that they used to do. Some aging parents find it a difficult pill to swallow but growing old is something we are not in control of. As their children, we need to prepare and help them be comfortable and safe in this transition. The more prepared you are, the less stressful it will be for the whole family. To help you with this, here is a brief guide to care for your elderly parents.

Pay attention to their needs. Identify their daily activities and ask them which areas they may be needing help. Are they still capable of bathing themselves? Can they still cook meals? Also, take into consideration if they have impaired mobility or health issues to find them appropriate help. Buying special equipment and accessories would also help them do their tasks independently.

Choose what living arrangement is best for them. Arrange a meeting with your family members. Ask your parents opinion where they would want to live and assess if this living arrangement would suit them. There are different types of living arrangements available. Some choose to stay in their own houses and get support from professional care and support workers if needed, others rent or buy a home in a community with other elderly people where there are amenities provided including daily living assistance, medical help and housekeeping. Nursing homes are also available to those who require medical assistance and caregiving.

Budgeting finances. With the changes, you can expect an impact on your finances. Caring for aging parents can be expensive so you must determine how to budget for their care wisely. Aside from your support and their savings, check if they are also eligible to receive financial support from the government. Take advantages of any programs that can help alleviate home care costs.

Visit and communicate with them regularly. Free up some time to spend time with your parents. Since they are spending most of their time at home, they would appreciate it if you call them from time to time. Visiting them often is also advisable.

Getting the best care. Growing up, they have devoted their time for your well-being. As an adult, you should do the same for them. Caring for your elderly parents shouldn’t be treated as a burden but rather an opportunity to make more memories at this stage of their lives. Remember to consider their comfort and happiness and make use of supportive resources available to provide them the best care.

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