During this unprecedented time, it is essential that businesses, especially those in the care industry, thoroughly follow public health guidelines, and take every precaution necessary to help stop the spread of COVID-19. In this post, we explain how the Caremark team is continuing to provide home care services in line with public health guidance in order to safeguard our staff and clients.

As Caremark provides home care and support for the elderly and people with disabilities living at home, we are closely monitoring the development of COVID-19. Our careful monitoring ensures that any update or new piece of information is considered when trying to provide the best, safest home care services possible. Every Caremark office has an updated Business Continuity Plan that is reviewed regularly to ensure the company can continue to work without risk.

Caremark is currently focusing on supporting its employees and clients in a three-point focused plan.

• Contact and support

We are continuously taking steps to remain in regular contact with each and every member of our teams. This ensures any concern or problem, however minor, is addressed and resolved as quickly as possible. This also helps to guarantee that no member of our team feels isolated during the pandemic.

• Training and PPE

All Caremark employees are thoroughly trained to understand new and updated government and public health guidelines before they are placed with our clients. Their training, for example, includes infection prevention and control. Our staff is also supplied with all the appropriate PPE required to carry out their tasks safely and effectively.

• Updates

Any updates to company practices or guidelines are regularly received by all staff, including our care and support workers.

Caremark would like to remind our clients and the general public of the 6 effective steps that will help Ireland prevent COVID-19 from spreading:

1. Avoid shaking hands or hugging people who are vulnerable or outside of your household
2. Keep 2 metres apart from people who are unwell or outside of your household
3. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water
4. Cover your mouth with a tissue or sleeve if you must sneeze or cough
5. Stop touching your face as much as possible
6. Frequently clean and disinfect surfaces

To learn more about the home care services that we are providing during the pandemic, or how we are helping to keep our staff and clients safe, do not hesitate to contact Caremark today. Caremark understands this has been a difficult time for many families and would like to offer our support.