Caring for adults with disabilities can be both rewarding and challenging. If you are caring for an adult with a learning disability or additional needs in the family home, and you are approaching your advancing years, you may be considering having additional help in the home. There are so many benefits to home health care. Here we explain a few of these benefits and why you should consider using a home health care service.

Peace of mind for parent carers

Being a full-time carer to your adult son or daughter often requires long days, unsettled nights and not much time for yourself. It’s important that you look after your own needs so that you can carry on with your caring responsibilities. There are many different types of home care services that are available, from round the clock care, night care and drop-in care to give you a small break. You are able to have that short break with peace of mind while you go for a walk, have your hair done or if overnight, have a good sleep.

Integrate into the community

Home care services that are aimed at caring for adults with disabilities and additional needs are very much focused upon integration and being part of the community. Home health care staff are trained professionals who can support the individual in a variety of different environments, including out while shopping, meeting friends at a local cafe and becoming more involved with local groups.

Greater independence

We all want the best for our grown-up children, for them to be happy and as independent as possible, and the same is true when our son or daughter has a disability. Using a home health care service is a good way of encouraging their independence and to have a better quality of life. The carer can assist them with daily living needs and any mobility needs, social issues or behavioural issues while encouraging self-care and independence.

There is help and advice out there for individuals who are caring for adults with disabilities in the family home. To learn more about our home health care services including respite care for carers, then please do get in touch with us today. We’re happy to help.