If you are caring for an older loved one with dementia, then you may be thinking about the future. Will they need extra help at home? Dementia home care is a type of home health service which can help your loved one to stay in their own home and remain as independent as possible. Below we explore the benefits of dementia home care services versus the care home setting.

Familiar surroundings

The most obvious benefit is that the older person can stay in their own home. These familiar surroundings are beneficial to their wellbeing and quality of life, as there is very little disruption to their everyday routine. Any change in routine and setting can be deeply unsettling and upsetting for the older person with dementia. Just like a care home, dementia home care services provide the stability and routine dementia patients need, but in the older person’s own house.

Stay connected to family

There is no guarantee that a care home specialising in dementia care can be located close to family members. This distance can severely impact the older person with dementia, due to a loss in closeness and connection to the wider family. A dementia home health care service keeps the family involved and connected with the care. Grandchildren can still visit over the weekend and you can still pop in on your way home from work. The family unit remains as strong as ever with this additional home care help.

Round the clock care

Many individuals are unaware that they can have a 24 hour, round the clock dementia home care service for their loved one. This can involve help with cooking and serving meals, cleaning, shopping, administering medications, personal care needs and going out and about. Nighttime care can also be accessed, giving you complete peace of mind. So, a home care service can provide 24-hour care in just the same way as a care home.

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