Older adults who had just been discharged from hospital may feel stressed when returning to their life at home. They may feel afraid about the risks it entails, especially because they were used to being dependent on hospital staff. As such, it would be helpful to get the services of elderly care professionals who can regularly assist adults as they transition from the hospital to their homes. With proactive and attentive care, they can avoid complications that can lead to re-admission. We have listed below some tips on how to make the transition as safe as possible.

Be Informed of the Risks

In order to avoid complications and hospital re-admissions, you need to take note of these common risk factors when providing elderly care.

  1. Medication management: After discharge, a new medication routine may be required for your loved one. Make sure the correct dosages of the prescribed medicine are made at the appointed time.
  2. Injury: This can occur due to weakness, disorientation or mobility issues. Assess your loved one’s home for any areas that may increase the risk of injury and modify them accordingly.
  3. Over-exertion: This must be avoided as it can trigger relapses in certain conditions.

Follow the Advice of Medical Professionals

The physician that handles your loved ones care needs must be your main source of information when arranging home to hospital transition. Ask the doctor the following questions to improve home care.

  • What are the recommended medications and home care procedures?
  • What are the specific risk factors you need to be aware of and how can you mitigate them?
  • What kind of follow-up care is necessary?

Make an Elderly Care Plan

Make a care plan before your loved one is discharged from the hospital. Make sure there is a family member or a home care professional to monitor and support your loved one, especially during the first 30 days. You should also determine and secure all the materials you will need for your loved one’s care.

Take Action

If you need professional elderly care, we at Caremark offer home care services for individuals who need to recover successfully in their homes. We provide specialised personal care assistance, monitoring and emotional support for individuals after they have been in hospital. For affordable Home Care solutions, please feel free to give us a call on 1800 844414 or email us at info@caremark.ie and one of our friendly staff will be in touch with you.