Home care services can help the elderly feel more comfortable than in a hospital environment, but this doesn’t always help their mental state. Being alone for hours on end is a breeding ground for depressive feelings, so it’s important that loneliness is combatted in every possible way. Here are some ways you can help your loved ones feel better:

Visit regularly

It’s not always possible to make time for your older relatives, but it’s important that you try. Even if you can’t spare a whole day at the weekend, try and stop by for half an hour a few times a week if they live locally. It will mean the world to you both.

Make sure they’re set up digitally

Although it’s typically harder for older people to navigate the online world, setting them up with a Skype account can make it easier to stay in touch. Tablet screens can display larger icons for those who struggle to see and tapping accept to a skype call from you or another loved one should be manageable for most. If your loved one still struggles, let their carer know so that they can offer their assistance when you’re not around to help.

Suggest a pet

Pets can do elderly people living alone the world of good, so if your loved one is able to care for a pet, getting one for them is a great idea. Cats are ideal for keeping in the house and don’t require walking like dogs do. However, many shelters have dogs that find it difficult to find homes due to mobility issues that could make the perfect companion for an older person. Even though pets can’t have a conversation with someone, they provide a vital presence to dispel feelings of isolation.

Encourage them to keep their mind active

Having a hobby can help older people keep their minds occupied, meaning they’ll think less about being alone. Activities like reading, knitting or painting can all be done comfortably at home to help pass the time productively.

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Home health care services enable elderly people to have a better quality of life while in comfortable surroundings. To learn more about general, specialist, or dementia home care services, get in touch with us here at Caremark.