It can be difficult to come to terms with your elderly relative needing additional care, and we all want to make the right decisions for the people we love and empower them to stay independent throughout their old age. Many families think that moving their loved one into residential care is the only option once they begin to lose their independence, but home care is a viable alternative that you may find is better suited to your relative’s needs and lifestyle. Here are just a few benefits of receiving care for the elderly at home.


Caremark provides care at home

The benefit of home care which stands out to many people is, quite simply, that it allows the person being cared for to remain at home. This means they won’t have the stressful experience of moving away, instead receiving all the care they need from our friendly staff in their familiar environment. Remaining at home is especially beneficial when the person being cared for is struggling with cognitive impairment, like dementia, because their familiar surroundings and having their own possessions can help to trigger their memories and prevent them from getting distressed. Home care also means that the person being cared for can keep their pets close, as it’s common for residential care homes to not allow them.


Home care is user-led

When someone begins home care with Caremark, we work with them to create a flexible and adaptable care plan to give them the support they need to retain their independence as much as possible. Our care workers can help with personal care and daily routines such as washing and dressing, medication assistance and meal preparation, as well as offering companionship for those who may be vulnerable to loneliness. Caremark care workers can also help people to access the community, such as by accompanying them to do their food shopping, or helping them to attend church or go to the park. People can have as many or as few of these services included in their plan as they need; the goal is simply to do whatever the individual needs to be properly cared for.


Home care lets people maintain relationships

Home care means the person being cared for can remain in the community they know well, retaining their weekly routines, seeing friends and other familiar people, and continuing to visit their favourite places with help from their Caremark care workers if they need it. Choosing home care also means that family members or other visitors who come regularly can keep the same schedule, since they don’t have to travel to a new location which could be further away from them, especially for visitors who don’t drive.


Home care gives peace of mind for families

The right care provision is always what will be best for the person being cared for, but we also know how difficult it is for families when their loved one needs care. Choosing home care spares families the often-difficult conversations with their relative about moving into residential care, and the demanding and upsetting process of clearing out and selling the person’s house once they have left. It also means that families can rest assured knowing that their loved one is getting the care they need in a familiar environment where they feel safe and comfortable.


Home care lets people keep up their hobbies

It’s important to fill our days with things we love doing at any age, but for people growing older or who have additional needs, it can be an essential way to retain their sense of self. Receiving care at home means that the person is in control of how they spend their leisure time, and can do so in the same ways they have always loved to, such as tending the garden they have worked hard to maintain over many years, watching their film collection, or sitting in a favourite chair to read their favourite books or play board games.


Home care services you can trust from Caremark

At Caremark, we are proud to provide professional home care services for the elderly in Ireland. Whether your relative or loved one needs general home care or specialist dementia home care, our extensive care provision ensures that everyone in the community can live as independently as possible.

We offer everyday care, live-in care, companionship care, respite care and many more specialist services – simply get in touch with us on 1800 844 414 or email us at to discuss your loved one’s needs and find out how Caremark can help