Being a care worker is  very rewarding, but it can also be physically and emotionally difficult. This may have compounded recently due to the coronavirus outbreak. Homecare is an essential and vital service especially during a pandemic and it’s really important that a carer takes care of themselves as well as their clients.

We have put together a few tips that will help any care worker with self-care during these unprecedented times.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Whether it is asking your  family to take on a few responsibilities at home, or asking someone to talk after a hard day; these are valuable strategies for supporting yourself and coping through difficult circumstances. If your family, friends, colleagues or your boss offers you extra help or support, take them up on their offer. It is much easier to get through any hardships as a community.


Stay active and eat well

Home care can be a physically tough job, but ensuring that you take the time for yourself to exercise can fill you with energy and help keep you healthy and promote your overall wellbeing. Finding an activity you enjoy, that is relaxing, can boost your mood. Going for a walk or simply stretching your muscles or doing yoga can help keep you physically fit and will brighten your mood. There are many online tutorials that are easy and fun to follow. Also, it is impossible to feel full of energy and prepared for your day if you do not have the right nutrition. Eat a varied diet and include as many fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy proteins, in your meals as you can and don’t forget to hydrate.


Take time for yourself and sleep well

Don’t lose track of the things you love doing. Whether it’s knitting, arts and crafts, playing an instrument or reading, use some of your spare time to reconnect with the hobbies you love. These activities help you wind down, which leads us to another important point, sleep.

We know it’s not always easy but getting enough sleep can make a huge difference on your energy levels and your overall wellbeing.


Be realistic and talk to others

It’s impossible to manage everything solely on your own. Know your limits and try not to push beyond them, no matter what pressure there is to be the ‘perfect carer’. Talk to your colleagues and see if anyone else has been through what you have or felt how you feel. Chances are, they have, and may have some excellent advice or tips on how to make positive changes or outcome of what you’re going through. They can also validate your feelings or frustrations, which can help you to feel better.


To be a great carer, you must remember to look after yourself, to better be able to look after and care for others. To take action on some of these tips now, means you will become a better carer by improving your own wellbeing and ability to manage it.

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