Ageing can bring about numerous health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, dementia, depression, and immobility. If you have an elderly relative at home who requires care, you have two options: a nursing home or in-home care.

For many, taking an elderly parent or relative to a nursing home is the last option. Many believe nursing homes are expensive and result in people losing their independence and freedom – this isn’t always the case. However, today, it’s possible for your elderly parent’s health needs to be handled at home through home care.

Below are four reasons why home care services are a great solution.

1. Faster recovery

Elderly people who receive care at home often recover faster from health complications than those in nursing homes. At home, people generally have a lower risk of contracting diseases due to less exposure to bacteria and germs. The home environment may not be sterile, but there is no risk of contracting a disease from another resident.

2. Family participation

One reason why most elderly relatives object to being taken to nursing facilities is the fear of losing their connections with friends and relatives. Help for the elderly in their own home, however, ensures that friends and family members are actively involved in providing care. In-home care offers a versatile environment that allows family members to maintain an active role in supporting their loved ones.

3. One-on-one support

Home care is unique and provides skilled one-on-one personal care. In most cases, strong bonds are established between clients and professionals, leading to positive health outcomes.

4. Flexible

Home care can save you money while guaranteeing quality care. Remember, even complex needs can be met at home by skilled, and experienced carers, so don’t think a care home is the only option for a relative requiring medical assistance.

If you are facing difficulties taking care of your elderly or sick relative, trust Caremark to do it for you. For the past 25 years, Caremark has been providing respite care, domiciliary care, palliative care, and dementia care in Ireland and the UK. We have an admirable reputation for providing exceptional home care services.