Ageing is part of life, and as our parents grow older it becomes clearer that they may need additional help. This means finding out about the help and support that is available. If you would like your loved one to remain as independent as possible and to remain in their own home, then it’s worth investigating how home care can help you as a family. Below we explore how elderly care provision at home can promote and encourage independence.

Help with personal care

Many older people will need assistance with personal care needs, such as washing and dressing. Home care services can help your loved one to remain as independent as possible in their own home by assisting with these needs. It may be something as simple as helping to wash their hair or assisting them in and out of the shower.

Help around the house

Sometimes, all that is needed is a bit of help around the house and the good news is that many home care services also provide domestic support within the home. This can involve light cleaning, helping with laundry, hoovering, cooking and preparing meals. Assisting with these tasks enables and encourages independence while giving the family peace of mind.

Getting out and about

When your loved one accesses home care services, they will be supported both inside and outside the home. Carers can take older people out to social clubs, to church, on a shopping trip or to meet friends for a coffee. Not only does this promote independence, but it also enhances well-being and a sense of belonging in the local community.

Someone to talk to

Finally, elderly health care services within the home can also offer much-needed companionship. Not only do you know that your loved one is being cared for, but that there is someone for them to chat with. Loneliness is a growing problem within the elderly population and using a home care service can help to alleviate this while promoting independence.

Here at Caremark, we provide a range of home care services to suit every individual. Our personalised home health care provision can help you and your loved one. To learn more about our range of services, then please do get in touch with us today.