The life expectancy of individuals increases with the awareness of a healthy lifestyle and the best home care services. Ireland’s population is rapidly growing, living longer and becoming older. The prevalence of disability and infections increases with old age and the needs of individuals change also. Whilst doctors can provide the needed medical treatment, you will also need assistance from carers who will look after your loved one’s daily activities. A recent report by Home and Community Care Ireland suggests that over 64,000 people will require homecare support by 2021. It is imperative to know how to select the right service for your loved one when the time comes.

Check the provider’s credibility

Considering the credibility of the home care services provider is crucial; you wouldn’t want to leave your loved ones with an organisation that has questionable character. Ask neighbours and friends to learn more about all available providers in your area. Credibility can be gauged through appraisals, referrals, testimonials and associated tie-ups.

Understand the provider’s services

Your expectations should be clear so that the provider can inform you whether they will be able to deliver. The service user’s daily activities should be planned meticulously; you have to indicate their needs, for example, mobility needs or medical supervision. The provider assesses the service user’s needs to create a comprehensive care plan that incorporates all your requests.

Ask alliances and associations

It’s possible to get a suitable home care provider by simply asking reputed hospitals in your community. This way, you will be able to get skilled services customised to your loved one’s requirements. Institutions associated with hospitals will follow the same principle – they use evidence-based care to enhance the service user’s quality of life by achieving the required goals.

Consider affordability

Home care services are often cheaper than other alternatives available, but it’s important to select the correct provider to get the right treatment and avoid unnecessary expenses. Home care ensures that your loved one gets the best professional care and treatment at affordable rates. In the case of a family member is the carer, it can provide much needed respite. Detailed market research is essential to get affordable rates without compromising on service quality.

Before choosing a provider, ensure that they are credible, affordable and reputed. Understanding the provider’s services will enable you to select a provider that will create a customised care plan for your loved one. Tax relief is available to our clients at Caremark, here are some more details on our Tax Relief FAQs.