When providing elderly care, a balanced diet is extremely important, enabling the elderly to enjoy their golden years with a strong and healthy body. Eating healthy foods can also help individuals recover from certain medical conditions they may be experiencing. However, there are times when appetites dwindle, affecting their health. Having a poor diet could weaken their immune system, decrease their energy levels and contribute to vitamin.

Prepare their favourite food

Adults will be encouraged to eat if you prepare meals that they really enjoy. You could also try asking them what they’d like to eat or are craving for. This may entail learning some new dishes and cooking skills but it can be well worth the trouble. Freezing individual portion sizes is a great way to make preparation easier and faster.

Focus on nutrient dense foods

Some elderly people find it difficult to cope with large meals. However, you can ensure that they benefit from what they can manage to eat. Include fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and complex carbohydrates within their meals. Incorporating healthy fats from nuts, avocados, olive oil and whole milk dairy products can increase the calorie count, without having to eat a large meal.

Create a routine

Set an eating schedule to encourage the elderly to eat at the same time every day. This will help the body and mind to adjust to eating at regular intervals and stimulate their appetite for an upcoming meal.

Offer companionship

Depression and loneliness can affect one’s appetite. If an elderly person lives alone, try to arrange company at meal times. They could eat with a friend or visit a neighbour. You could also opt for home care assistance to help with meal planning and preparation. Home care will provide companionship for your loved one while assisting them with their daily chores.

Dealing with a loss of appetite can be a problem, but by trying different strategies you can figure out what works best for your loved one.

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