If your loved one has significant care needs, it might be time to consider 24/7 care. Still, the right time to take this step isn’t always clear. Here’s how to know if your loved one could benefit from round-the-clock home care.


What is 24/7 care?

In some home care set-ups, there will always be at least one care worker present to support your loved one. This is known as 24/7 care, so your relative is never alone. They will have help on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This form of care is usually carried out by two or more care workers who can exchange shifts. Usually, one care worker covers the daytime and another takes the night shift. This arrangement gives care workers the time off they need, but ensures your loved one receives constant care.


Is 24/7 care the same as live-in care?

24/7 care is sometimes referred to as live-in care, though they aren’t strictly the same thing. Live-in care generally refers to a care worker who is on-call throughout the night. When someone is a 24/7 care worker, they are prepared to provide care at all hours.


Who could benefit from 24/7 care?

Some people won’t need 24/7 care — this might be because they don’t have significant support needs or require assistance during the night.

For others, 24/7 care will allow them to continue living at home, in an environment where they feel comfortable. Professional 24/7 care can be a great option for elderly individuals or those living with a disability or illness who need support on a daily and nightly basis.

If your loved one previously had access to home care through daily visits and on-call night care but now has greater support needs, 24/7 care might be the next logical step.

For instance, perhaps your elderly relative has recently developed a medical condition that requires them to take medication throughout the night. If they find it difficult to take their medication, a 24/7 care worker will be able to help.

24/7 is often seen as a practical alternative to moving to a residential care home, as it allows people to stay in their own homes.


Knowing if your loved one needs 24/7 care


Professional assessment

It’s important to ensure that your loved one is receiving the appropriate level of care from the outset. A full assessment plays a crucial role in identifying the areas of care relevant to each individual. Focusing on any existing medical conditions and any provisions that need to be made, an assessment will indicate the level of support required, any potential risks, and how a condition could change over time.

Personal factors

Some factors will mean that individuals could be more or less suited to 24/7 care. Things like sleep pattern and quality, behaviour, and preferences about care workers living with them should be considered when making the decision.

Their support network

When individuals live near a strong network of relatives and friends, their support needs can often be met through these relationships and day visits from a care worker. However, if they live alone and far away from relatives, getting the right level of professional support becomes even more important.

Do you and other relatives live far away from your loved one? If they have significant needs, 24/7 care could give you peace of mind that they are receiving the necessary level of support.

Preventing accidents

If your loved one at risk of having an accident during the night or if left alone, then this can be a concerning enough reason to choose 24/7 care. This will depend on the nature of any medical conditions, illnesses, impairments, or disabilities.

Speak to a home care service

A professional home care service will be able to assist you in choosing the right care option for your loved one. They’ll be able to describe each of their services in detail, so you can consider what’s most suitable for your loved one. Services can differ between companies, so request an in-depth consultation with your prospective home care provider. You can even ask them if they offer tailored care plans.


Caremark home care services

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