With multiple avenues of elderly health care to pursue, finding the most appropriate choice for your loved one can be challenging. Let’s take a look at how live in care can improve their quality of life whilst keeping them around the people they love, and in the home and community they know.

Ensuring one-to-one care

Unlike in residential settings where dedicated one-on-one care is rare, live in care ensures carers give your loved one their full focus. What’s more, they won’t have to share their living space with anyone but their carer, meaning their privacy and way of life remains uninterrupted.

Flexibility and tailored care

One-on-one care means highly specialised care. Most home care providers, including ourselves, will work with you to formulate a live-in care plan ensuring all of your loved one’s personal requirements are expertly cared for. We also specifically match a care worker to your relative’s needs, ensuring they are in the most experienced hands. Such a tailored approach, though not unheard of in a residential care-home setting, is uncommon.

Respect and genuine companionship

With Caremark, each individual is supported by a small team of carers. This ensures that our clients are able to develop relationships with each team member. Carers become fully involved in their lives: preventing loneliness, joining in on their hobbies, and going above and beyond to prioritise their happiness and wellness. Carers will treat your relative without condescension or patronisation: but with dignity, respect, and decency.

Dementia care

Home care services are exceptionally important when it comes to caring for those with dementia.  Changes to one’s environment such as transitioning into a care-home will likely lead to confusion, anxiety, and worsened symptoms. Our dementia home care services can help to manage these issues. For example, if your loved one is struggling with or avoiding communication due to fear of embarrassment or repeating themselves, our experienced dementia carers are always on hand to encourage conversation.


We understand that navigating care options for a loved one is stressful enough, let alone worrying about how much it will cost. Home care is often a more affordable option due to the tax relief that is available against the cost.

Find out more

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