It is not uncommon for older people today to live active lives. However, whilst there are older individuals who manage to remain independent in their 80s, there will eventually come a time when everyday tasks such as cooking, doing chores or bathing become increasingly difficult. Home care services provide older people with the option to continue to age within the comfort of their homes whilst maintaining their safety and wellbeing.

Although changes in your older loved one’s health can sometimes be so subtle that it is easy to overlook the need for assistance, here are a few signs that can help tell you that they are ready for professional home care support:

Experiencing fall-related injuries

This is one of the leading causes of hospitalisation for many senior adults so it is important to do everything you can and prevent them from falling. Whilst clearing walking paths is one way to do so, ensuring that your loved one always has someone nearby to assist them can give you a greater peace of mind.

Increasing forgetfulness

If you notice your older loved ones start struggling with taking their medication, they express poor hygiene from forgetting to take a bath or brushing their teeth or if you notice their cupboards contain multiple same items because they forgot what they had at home when they were out grocery shopping, it’s probably high time for you to seek assistance from a trusted home care provider.

Progressive health issues

Home care services can help older individuals who have progressive or chronic health issues by ensuring that their medication is administered correctly as well as monitoring their ongoing condition to help you plan the next stage of care.

Expresses social isolation

If you notice they are no longer interacting with other people, even with their friends, and are mostly spending their time alone, it could be a sign that they are having difficulty dealing with their declining conditions and are afraid to ask for help. Having a care and support worker who can visit and talk to them every day can help lift their spirits up.

We, at Caremark, understand that selecting the right home care provider is an extremely important decision. This is why we always strive to provide exceptionally high standards of home care as well as maintaining a consistently professional and friendly approach so that our clients can feel comfortable with us and see that we respect their dignity and rights. Give us a call on 1800 844 414 for a free phone consultation.