This service is tailored precisely to match the personal needs of our clients, from companionship to assistance with personal care and everyday life, live-in care is a much more bespoke service, staying as safe as possible from potential covid-19 infection.

It’s about living life your way in your own home, with the peace of mind and security that comes from having extra, all-important professional support. Having specialist care provided to you within the comfort of your home by a fully qualified care and support worker, stay in the home you’ve seen your children grow up in and your grandchildren and children visit, avoid the disruption and upheaval of moving into residential care. It means you can continue living in your community, with friends and family visiting as they normally would, pets staying with you, and all your home comforts around you. It’s also about having someone there, who might just become a friend, to support your physical and emotional needs. Live-in care can even become pivotal in helping with mental wellbeing, as the extra support and listening ear can alleviate depression, anxiety and loneliness and other symptoms related to living with a physical disability.

With live-in care you’re in control of when, where and how you receive care and this can be crucial for independence and feeling like you are in control of your life. Your live-in carer will work with you – as a collaborative process – to ensure your care needs are met and things are as you like them. You might need extra help with shopping and getting around the house, but you still want to be able to decide what you eat tonight and when you go to bed. We understand just how important it is that you carry on with life as closely to normal as possible and we promise to go above and beyond the call of duty to make that happen.

We know how hard it can be having a physical disability and our live-in care assistants won’t just attend to your physical needs, they’ll also be there for a chat or if you have anxieties you’d benefit from talking about. This can be especially supportive if you don’t have family or friends you can talk to.

The many positive benefits of live-in care can make it an appealing option, including:

•Staying in the comfort and familiarity of your own home
•Avoiding change, life can stay as it was with the benefit of professional support
•Flexible care that’s tailored to you and your needs
•Routines, hobbies and interests can stay as they were
•Companionship and emotional support – from sharing meals to enjoying hobbies and days out
•Family and friends can visit as normal
•Pets can stay in the home

Live-in care assistants don’t just support individuals, they also help couples and families in need, enabling families or couples to stay together.

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