Caremark officially launched its latest office on Friday 1st December 2017. This latest office based in Ashbourne, will provide Care and Support to the community throughout Meath and Louth.

Regina Doherty T. D. was delighted to be present at the launch, and welcomed this new service being offered to the communities of Counties Meath and Louth. Ms. Regina Doherty said that she finds herself increasingly looking towards the future and asking herself how she would like to spend her senior years. The answer for her and most people she would think, is that she would like to spend her senior years in her own home, next to her own neighbours, surrounded by her own things, and her own memories.

Regina was really interested to learn that the new Caremark office in Ashbourne will provide training and a base for staff who are deployed to people’s homes throughout Meath and Louth. Also, that the staff not only provide services to older people but to adults and children who have disabilities too.

The Caremark ethos is to empower people of all age groups to reach their full potential.  This person-centred approach is central to the Caremark philosophy and its core values. Paul Boucher, Managing Director of the Caremark Meath/Louth office has strong links with the community and firmly believes in the importance of inclusion to its more vulnerable members.  Paul commented ‘It is vitally important especially for the older members of our community  to remain involved in some way with day to day happenings, be it attending local events, getting local news, or simply people dropping by for a chat. This contact is essential to the well-being not alone of our older and vulnerable members, but to the entire community. It is also about empowering our clients to be able to actively participate in community and society as a whole.’