If you’re browsing different home care services for your loved one, you might have come across the term “tailored care plans”. In this article, we’ll explain what a tailored care plan is and when one might be the best choice for your loved one.

What is a tailored care plan?

A tailored care plan is a plan for the care and support of an individual that meets their specific needs and preferences. As it says on the tin — it’s a care structure that’s customised to suit them.

Choosing the best home care plan for your loved one is never easy. If you’re looking at home care currently, you’ll know that there are lots of options to choose from when it comes to services. However, this is why tailored care plans are so popular. They can be whatever you want them to be.

Everyone is unique, with their own requirements and preferences. Tailored care plans approach each individual’s support and care needs as such, allowing the individual, their family, and healthcare professionals to sit down to create a bespoke plan.

The benefits of a tailored care plan 

Most people prefer care that’s flexible, adaptable, and centred around them as a person. A one size fits all approach will not meet everyone’s individual needs. In contrast, a highly personalised care plan offers reassurance that the best quality of care is being provided, in the most helpful ways, and at the most convenient times for the individual.

People also enjoy having a clear plan so they know what to expect from their care service. A discussed and documented plan provides peace of mind (for the individual and family or friends) that everything is covered, nothing has been forgotten, and that there will be no gaps in the care provided.

It’s worth noting that tailored care plans can apply to both everyday care and live-in care. You’ll still need to make some decisions about the level of care that’s required. A consultation with your home care provider can help you and your relative with this. 

Within everyday care, a professional care worker will visit the home each day at specific times to help with certain tasks (like housework and meal preparation). This is great for individuals who require daily support, but who don’t have needs that require round-the-clock care. Alternatively, live-in or 24/7 care is perfect for those with greater support needs who would benefit from having a professional care worker present in their home at all times.

Tailored care plans and live-in care

If your loved one wishes to continue living at home rather than move to a residential care home, tailored care plans can bridge the gap between these two types of care service.

You or your relative may be concerned that live-in home care (rather than residential home care) might mean no option for round-the-clock assistance, less dedicated support, and less flexibility regarding live-in options, staff, or visiting times.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case. With a tailored care plan, at-home care can be just as helpful as the care your relative might receive in a care home.

As many people prefer to remain living at home, around friends and the wider community, personalised home care is often preferable.

What can be covered by tailored, at-home care?

At-home or live-in care can cover a wide range of areas. Whatever your loved one needs assistance with, a tailored care plan should be able to accommodate it.

Common areas of support include personal care, meal preparation, supporting with medication, dressing, running errands, making appointments, and providing friendly, supportive companionship.

How to access tailored home care services

To assist your loved one in creating a tailored home care plan, simply contact your care provider and ask them about their personalised home care options.

At Caremark, we offer free consultations where we’ll listen to your or your relative’s wishes and requirements. We’ll work together to put together a bespoke care plan that covers all areas of concern, follows a beneficial structure, and pairs you with the best member (or members) of staff.

Take a look at our tailored care plans at Caremark.

Caremark home care services

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