An experienced, reliable home care provider can provide a whole host of home care services, including assisting the elderly with accomplishing some form of daily exercise. Exercising regularly can have a number of mental and physical benefits for elderly people, including:

Disease prevention

Extensive research has proven that exercising regularly can be instrumental in the prevention of many common diseases in the elderly, such as diabetes and heart disease. Regular exercise can strengthen our immune systems to help our bodies fight disease-causing pathogens, which is particularly important for older people who are likely to have weaker immune systems. Light exercise, such as taking a leisurely stroll in your local area, can be extremely effective in preventing certain diseases.

Improved mental health

There are a number of benefits that exercise can have on the mental health of an elderly person. Exercise releases the ‘feel-good hormones’, known as endorphins, in the brain, which can make people feel happy and can help to relieve stress. Exercise can also improve the quality of your sleep and can help you feel fully rested, which is particularly useful for older people who might suffer from disrupted sleep patterns and insomnia.

Improved stability and balance

The number one cause of injury amongst senior citizens is falling, which can be prevented by strengthening the body through exercise. Falling over due to a lack of stability and poor balance can lead to serious injuries such as broken hips and other bones, so it’s essential to build muscle and work on improving your balance and functional reach.

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