At Caremark, we have great people, no doubt. But it is more than that. It’s the way all of these great people continue to come together and work so hard for a common cause that makes this place so special.

When we consider our values in decision making, we can be sure to keep our sense of integrity and what we know is right and approach decisions with confidence and clarity. We also know we are doing what is best for our clients, our staff and our company. We think this creates a great place to work as well as a trusted environment for our clients.

You might be wondering what our company values are. Have a read below for a breakdown of what drives us day in and day out:


We can do our job best when everyone else does their job best. Whatever part we play, how well we do it will have a significant impact on the quality of the care we provide. That’s why we believe we should always do our level best for the people who are affected by our actions, at work and at home. We are proud that people know they can rely on us to do our job properly.


We believe in honesty and sticking to our principles, and we won’t change these for anyone. This is what gives us our character and makes others trust us. We tell the truth, keep our promises and we always know what the right thing to do is and we are never afraid to do it. And that’s our greatest achievement.


We really want to help people. It’s in our nature. Whether it’s our clients, members of our team of friends and family, it doesn’t matter. We simply are all the sort of people who get enjoyment from making a difference in people’s lives. That’s what drives us as individuals and a brand.

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