It’s a sensitive subject and one that is often filled with misinformation and confusion, but help for elderly people living at home is actually an easy and reliable way to continue being independent. As an individual with specific care needs, you might feel concerned about allowing another person into your private abode. However, our care and support workers are highly trained to ensure that you feel as comfortable in your own space as you always have done. At Caremark, we’ve put together a few of the top myths that commonly circulate about home care and the actual truth behind these claims.

1. It’s a sign of losing independence

Quite the contrary! When you’re faced with a health concern that impedes you physically, it can make everyday tasks a struggle that they weren’t once before. Rather than risk your own health further with a fall or other injury, a care and support worker can help you ensure that you maintain your independence and remain living in your own home.

Simply by popping over to cook regular meals or hang out the washing, a care and support worker can help you to maintain your living environment and allow you to focus on your own wellbeing and health.

2. Your daily life won’t be run the way that you want it

At Caremark, we ensure that our clients’ needs and wishes are heard and considered at all times. Your care plan will be tailored to your requests and your care provision will be unique to you in every way.

Our care and support workers are able to help with a wide range of tasks ranging from personal care, such as brushing your teeth and assisting with showering, to helping you make and keep doctors’ appointments and take your medication. Whatever your specific requirements, our team will make sure to meet those particular needs in the way that you feel most comfortable and at ease.

3. Care and support workers will be rushed and unfriendly

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Care and support workers go into their profession because they want to help other people to live their best lives. Our support team are dedicated to providing a tailored service that ensures your comfort and dignity at all moments, but also want to be a friendly face in your home. Our care and support workers aim to become a welcome and uplifting addition to your life when they pop around each day.

For more information about our services for the elderly and other home care services, please contact us today and one of our team will be happy to assist you.