Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong developmental condition that affects how a person communicates and interacts with other people. Children with autism need proper support and care to overcome their challenges and to lead fulfilling lives. Here are some parenting tips that you may consider if you’re looking after a child with autism.

Educate yourself about the condition

It is important that you have enough knowledge about ASD. Aside from getting advice from a specialist, you may also consult governmental and not for profit organisations for more information about the condition and the treatment options available. You may also read the latest research findings and other reliable articles that will equip you to make informed decisions for your child.

Be an expert on your child

Keep track of your child’s behaviour and understand the causes of their irritabilities. Consider what your child finds stressful or calming. By knowing your child’s behaviour patterns, you can easily resolve issues or prevent them from happening.

Create a routine

Having a highly-structured schedule is helpful for children with ASD as they find it easy to adapt in an environment that has consistency. Set up a schedule with regular time for dressing, eating meals, brushing teeth, going to school and sleeping. Do these activities at the same time daily and try to keep disruptions to a minimum. Prepare your child in advance in case you have to change your schedule.

Have fun with your child

Make sure that you find time to share by initiating playtime with your child. Think of ways that will stimulate their interests. This will allow you to build connections and have fun. Spending unpressured time with your child is essential as this can improve not only cognitive functioning but social skills as well.

Positive reinforcement

Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of your child whether big or small. Praise your child whenever they do something good or have learned a new skill. It may also help if you reward them with their favourite food or you let them play.

Find help and support

Taking care of a child with ASD can be challenging at times, so as a parent you need to take care of yourself and have a break as well. Consider getting the services of a respite caregiver who can take over your role temporarily and provide assistance to your child. This will give you peace of mind whilst recharging yourself.

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