Home care services are often available for carers in Ireland, to solve emergency situations or help ensure carers get long or short-term breaks away from the person they care for. There are lots of benefits associated with respite care for carers and this can be one way to help handle the daily pressures associated with providing care at home.

Respite care for carers is a recognised solution which can help ensure carers stay healthy and enjoy quality time away from the home and their carer duties. Although care giving can be extremely rewarding, long-term care giving does eventually take its toll on any carer. This is particularly the case as elderly parents become frailer and perhaps develop conditions such as dementia or Alzheimers.

Benefits of respite care support

Respite care can help carers take a break from the person they care for, whether this is just for a few hours each week or for a longer period of time. Longer periods of respite care support enable carers to take much-needed holidays which can provide essential refreshment and revitalisation and help ensure carers return to their role with renewed vigour.

Some principal benefits of respite care for carers are discussed below:

One main benefit of respite care is that it helps alleviate stresses and prevents carer exhaustion. Many carers find that over a long period of time resentments and anger can start to build up, so it’s vital these issues are dealt with at an early stage before any kind of home emergency requires support from health care agencies or social services departments.

There are a variety of local carer groups in most Irish towns and cities, and these can provide carers with peer support and a social outlet. Many carers find it’s too difficult to arrange alternative care for a loved one, and neglect attending groups of this nature. Respite care services can be put in place for a few hours a week to enable carers to attend local carer groups, or any other social activities that can help increase levels of wellbeing.

Taking a break from the person you care for can be a real stress buster, and respite care offers carers the ability to book holidays safe in the knowledge their loved one will receive the best possible care while they’re away.

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