During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been separated from their loved ones. Although lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease, physical contact is still forbidden between members of different households, meaning many elderly and vulnerable people are continuing to self-isolate as their loved ones cannot stay overnight or offer care services for them. If you are unable to visit or care for a family member, you can still show your relative you care about them in the following ways…

1. Arrange home care services

If you are unable to visit and care for your elderly relative as usual, you can organise home care services for your loved one. This ensures your relative is getting the help, support and attention they need without putting them at risk.

2. Send them post

Receiving a surprise letter or postcard in the post is a great way to make a long-distance family member feel loved and special. Ensure you write how much you miss your relative and how much you are looking forward to seeing them when the time is right, as this can often provide a much-needed morale boost for elderly individuals.

3. Video call regularly

Seeing a face on a tablet or mobile device isn’t quite the same as seeing someone in person, but it can help vulnerable people to feel less alone. If you video call your relative on a regular basis and are struggling to make conversation, why not suggest video calling as you both eat or watch TV together, which can help you to feel as though you are spending time with each other naturally.

4. Ask your care provider for advice

If you are struggling to think of ways to connect with your elderly loved one and show them you care, why not reach out to their care provider and ask for advice. Should your loved one be suffering from dementia, for example, their care provider may be able to suggest a puzzle gift you can send your loved one to keep their mind active.

Contact Caremark

To learn more about the home care services we are providing during COVID-19, and how we are staying safe during the pandemic, do not hesitate to contact Caremark today. We will ensure your loved one is cared for and feels supported during this time.