Domiciliary care refers to the care of someone in their own home and can be appropriate for anyone who is looking for care.

For adults with disabilities, it can be a challenge to carry out personal tasks such as getting dressed, getting to appointments, taking your medicine and even taking care of your nutrition. However, the benefits of domiciliary care make it much easier to do so.

5 benefits of domiciliary care


Unlike the traditional care home, domiciliary care helps you maintain your independence. After all, the most important benefit of domiciliary care is to allow the elderly and adults with disabilities to make their own decisions: you can choose when you wish to sleep, bathe, eat, drink, or also when to go outside.


Domiciliary care is completely flexible to your needs. This means that it can be the ideal solution if your needs change over time.

Additionally, the flexibility to choose how much or how little care you would like to receive makes domiciliary care and home care services a tailored solution to your needs.

Personalised care

Individuals living with dementia looking for home care services, adults with disabilities, and people trying to find support for the elderly living at home can benefit from home care services such as domiciliary care, simply because you will receive a personalised, one-to-one, service.

Personalised and dedicated care is something that is often not offered by traditional care homes. No matter how well trained or professional the staff are, the demands of each individual are different and some carers struggle to find enough time to deliver a personalised service.


Domiciliary care allows you to keep your home environment as familiar as possible, which is especially relevant for people living with dementia or experiencing memory loss.

Lifelong diseases, injuries and even the impact of ageing in the population can cause stress, which is much more easily managed while being in one’s home.


Irrespective of your needs, finding the most adequate home care service demands a lot of research. After all, you want to find an affordable solution that allows you to retain a sense of normalcy while being able to have your family and friends close.

Given how flexible domiciliary care is, you only pay for the care you need and wish to receive when you need it.