It is absolutely essential that a care worker shows genuine care and concern for others, and of course they must have sensitivity when dealing with those who may be vulnerable. The basis of care is showing support for those needing support, in a positive manner, whilst promoting independence where appropriate.

What character traits make an ideal Carer?

At Caremark, it is absolutely essential that a care worker shows genuine care and concern for others. Further to this, carers must also have sensitivity when dealing with those around them who may be vulnerable. Another important factor is that they treat their working environment without prejudice or preconception. This allows care workers to treat individuals as just that, and is the very basis of Care.

Care workers should always listen to those around them, with an understanding and friendly manner. Where appropriate, we will provide encouragement in daily activities or tasks and always support the notion of someone’s best interests.

Communication is absolutely key when forming how best to support someone, and our team keeps everyone in the loop. Sometimes our visits may be the only human interaction someone might receive and it’s always important to keep this in mind as it can be impactful on the person’s well-being.

What are the ideal traits of Carers

·        The ability to provide positive, helpful support
·        A calm and collected persona
·        Great listener and caring personality
·        Organised and attentive to needs
·        Dependable and reliable workers
·        Understanding with different preferences or values
·        Adaptable to situations

Sometimes elderly people, or people experiencing progressive mental difficulties like dementia can be slower or unable to understand certain things, so having the ability to remain patient is absolutely vital. Once a level of understanding and respect has been established between a care worker and a client, a happy and friendly relationship is formed.

A Career in Care

The impact of working in Care is a truly rewarding experience and Caremark provide on-going training that encourages growth and positivity for those involved. There is a distinct level of satisfaction that carers achieve by forming relationships with clients and maintaining that standard. The achievement and active involvement in helping others is something that is so rewarding in itself and that’s why it remains one of the most popular career paths. If you have cared for a loved one before and are now considering a career in care then please get in touch