Suppose you’ve been advised to isolate because of your age or underlying health conditions. In that case, you could be experiencing feelings of boredom and loneliness. While being stuck at home might not be ideal, there are plenty of activities you can do with your care worker to keep your brain and body healthy and active.

Catch a classic movie

When you want to deal with anxiety, what could be better than escaping into your favourite movie? You and your care worker can grab some healthy snacks and enjoy the best in film and TV. Whether you escape with a Rom-Com or find a fascinating documentary, It’s a great way to keep your brain active.

Get connected

Now is the ideal time to learn a new skill, so why not get connected? Learning how to shop online or make video calls to friends and families will open up a whole new world. If that doesn’t appeal, try another indoor activity you and your care worker can share, like completing a jigsaw puzzle or enjoying a board game. These activities could help to improve cognitive function. You could also find an arts and crafts project you can do together, like painting or drawing.

Do some exercise

If you want to improve your mood, getting physically active is one of the best ways to do it, if you are able to. Working out with your care worker means you’ll have someone to motivate you and help you reach your goals in a safe way. There are plenty of exercise videos on the internet to choose from – why not start with some gentle yoga stretches to improve your flexibility and mental health?

Read a book

There’s nothing like reading a book to provide mental stimulus. You and your care workercould read aloud to each other or form your own book club and choose books to read and discuss. You could even join an online club and share your thoughts and recommendations with new friends. You may even be inspired to start writing yourself, which is another excellent way to deal with any stress and anxiety.

Are you feeling lonely and bored during lockdown? Then get in touch with us at Caremark. Our friendly team of carers can provide home care servicesincluding physical and mental activities, to keep you fit and alert until isolation ends.